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Internet Payments

We use ParentPay for our internet payments.

Many parents have been regularly using Internet Payments for dinner money, music lessons and school trips and are very pleased with the benefits.  We would encourage you to sign up as it is a very easy and convenient way of paying.  There is no charge for using the system.

Please note, to use the system you will need a valid email address.

There are a number of important benefits of using the Internet Payments System:

  • Simple to use web interface
  • Payments are secure and reliable
  • Parents can view their full payment history online 
  • Reduce risk of pupils losing cash
  • You can make payments for more than one child in a single transaction

To Register
You will receive a letter detailing your username and password, from each of your children at school.  Please register using your youngest child's details and add other children through that account.
(Please note that you are asked for ‘email address’ on the login page, but for your first login only you need to use your ‘User name’ as provided on the letter. After that you will use the email that you provided)

Other Purchases/Payments
You will see the full list of items available to purchase, and as with other online sites, you simply need to ‘add to basket’ and then ‘checkout’.

If you have any queries, or problems, please do not hesitate to contact the Office via

Once live you will be able to

  • Pay for dinners (minimum payment £11.50)
  • Trips and Music Lessons
  • Residential Trip instalments

Please click the link to take you to our Internet Payments site