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Larkfields Junior School



Year 4 Clip and Climb - 15th March.pdfDownload
Times Table Rock Stars - 14th March.pdfDownload
Year 6 Parents Meetings - 9th March.docxDownload
School inspections - a guide for parents - 5th March.pdfDownload
Teachers2Parents Update - 2nd March.pdfDownload
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Red Kangarooo Trip - 26th Feb 2018.pdfDownload
PE Kit - 15th Feb 2018.pdfDownload
Parent Reading Event - Tues 13th Feb.pdfDownload
Y6 Black Country Museum Trip - 1st Feb 2018.pdfDownload
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Y5 Spymissions Visit - 29th Jan.pdfDownload
Yr6 Sats Cafe - 24th January.pdfDownload
Y4 Veolia Trip - 15th Jan 2018.pdfDownload
Skylarks Clip n climb - 9th Jan 2018.pdfDownload
Goldcrests Clip n climb - 9th Jan 2018.pdfDownload
Roman Partake Visit 2018 - 9th Jan 2018.pdfDownload
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Lacrosse - Year 5 and 6 - 18th Dec.pdfDownload
LJS Christmas Fair Programme 2017 - 5th Dec.pdfDownload
FAQ Academy Conversion - 1st Dec.pdfDownload
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Christmas Play 2017 - 30th Nov.pdfDownload
Place2Be - Nov 2017.pdfDownload
LJS Christmas Countdown 2017.pdfDownload
Parent Questionnaire Feedback - 21st Nov 2017.pdfDownload
Yr6 Dry Slope Skiing.pdfDownload
LJS Catering Newsletter - Nov.pdfDownload
Take Care of Each Other Week - 13th November 2017.pdfDownload
Panthers v Steelers letter final arrangements - 9th Nov 2017.pdfDownload
Academy Letter 6th November 2017.pdfDownload
Movie Night - November.pdfDownload
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Girls Football - 31st Oct 2017.pdfDownload
Panthers v Steelers letter - 31st Oct.pdfDownload
Dodgeball -Yr3.4 Oct 2017.pdfDownload
Yr5 Author Visit - 2nd Oct 2017.pdfDownload
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Autumn 2017

The Mill Residential Y4 - 25th Sept 2017.pdfDownload
Handwriting and Presentation - 22nd Sept 2017.pdfDownload
Handwriting Card.pdfDownload
Falconry - 21st Sept 2017.pdfDownload
Ospreys - Letter for parents - 21st Sept 2017.pdfDownload
Girls football letter - 15th Sept 2017.pdfDownload
Community Day Football Tickets - 13th Sept 2017.pdfDownload
Glee club - 13th September.pdfDownload
Yr 4 Sherwood Forest Education Centre Trip - 12th Sept 2017.pdfDownload
Behaviour - 12th Sept 2017.pdfDownload
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